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Wild Shapes Starter Kit

This contains our Wild Shapes Base Deck, Wild Shapes Expansion Deck and a set of falling leaves dice. That amounts to over 160 beast cards, 30 blank creature cards, 10 goodberry cards and a collection of Druid reference cards.

Customer Reviews

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Zack Boscia
Great addition for first time Druid!

Very helpful! Everything I needed to finally not have to continually look up stats online! This makes my DM and other players sooooo much happier too! Great idea with the coins too!

Essential for wild shape

If you're a druid, having these cards is going to save you and your DM an appreciable amount of time. I DM a Circle of the Moon druid, I put these cards in a binder with clear trading card pages (not included) by CR along with his spell cards and he now has everything he needs without taking game time to look up on a different screen or page through a book. The expansion set has more exotic beasts and a set of goodberry cards that can be handed out to the other players.

Excellent construction and well thought-out design. Mad at myself for not finding these sooner.

Great Quality

I’m super happy with everything I received! Quality was amazing, super professional! The cards feel nice and sturdy and are beautiful! I’m mostly just sad that I’m only taking a few Druid levels so I won’t be able to take advantage of all the cards!


Useful for the druid to keep a "hand" of usual wild shapes.