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Wild Shapes Deck

A 110 card deck of laminated, dry erasable cards:

  • 85 Beast Cards
  • 20 Blank Beast Templates
  • Druid Reference Cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 337 reviews

Not perfect but honestly makes being a druid so much easier. I would highly recommend especially for anyone new to the game.

Absolutely love these cards

Amazing quality and has everything you need for your druid build


Very handy for referencing wild shape forms.

Kirstie H.
Wonderful addition

My husband is so happy with these cards! They are high quality and make it easy for him to track his wild shapes during our games. Thanks for such a high quality, well organized product!

Andrew Stevens
Great product…would pay more for a slightly better product though…

Love them for the price. But I’d love to make a couple suggestions for maybe a “premium edition” you could offer: do a small silhouette of the animal being described, maybe on the back to break up the monotony of the animal gang…don’t get me wrong, I love bear guy and friends…but I’d rather have a stegosaurus to look at. Or the silhouette could be on the face and keep the bear gang. I also believe that the Expansion pack should be the “base set” and this set be the Expansion…the packs just seem backwards to me. I’ve used goodberry ten times as much as a Mammoth…just saying from a ten year Druid…

Chris Coombs

High quality, laminated cards. Info is organized well, with easy to understand icons (a ladder symbol indicating climbing, a feather symbol indicating flying, etc.)
CR ratings, all necessary stats.
A lot of cards!!
About 20 blank cards (dry eraser compatable)
4 Druid class info cards, showing spell progression 1-20, levels and CR for shape-shifting, rules, very helpful info.
I highly recommend these to anyone who plays a druid. Standard size.

Jacob Sales
Awesome addition

Great sturdy cards, fit with the spell cards I had also bought and works out so well to focus on the game without having to keep looking up info on my phone.

Charisma Van Bortel

Wild Shapes Deck

Cassie B.
Literally can’t express how helpful these are!

There’s this barrier to entry of playing a Druid where it’s a lot of rules to memorize on top of spellcasting and what you’re allowed to wild shape into but this deck has made it SO much easier! I just give the deck to my DM and he’s able to hand me back a stack of cards that fit the criteria of what my Druid has seen before to turn into, saves endless amounts of time and it’s nice to have it on a organized card rather than having to open up a webpage every turn in combat. My party is excited to try rolling Druids now too, knowing we’ll have the cards to help them out! 10/10 recommend!

Wesley Munger
Wild Shapes Cards

Nice product.