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Wild Shapes Deck

A 110 card deck of laminated, dry erasable cards:

  • 85 Beast Cards
  • 20 Blank Beast Templates
  • Druid Reference Cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Nate M
New decks are a win

I have the previous version of these decks, and backed the new ones on Kickstarter. Gotta say, I love the new decks. The added info is great, and the expansion deck is just overflowing with creatures I can’t wait to see my players Wild Shape into. I picked up two sets, one as a gift for my regular Druid player. He absolutely adores it. Highly recommended for that nature-loving hippie Droid in your party!

Mack Horn
Amazing product

Only got the base set, which came in the day before restarting my campaign where I play a druid. The cards are so helpful, saves so much time having my go to wild-shapes readily at hand. Fully plan to buy the expansion should it ever be sold again in the future.

James Frazier
Wild shape deck

Cards are great, can't wait to use them with druid.

joshua barron
Saves me so much time

I got this specificly because I am DMing for a group of new players and one of them is a druid. Having the set of cards for that player has been a lifesaver as I just handed her the stack of creatures that she can wildshape into so I don’t need to search online or thru books for creatures to answer her questions and can focus more on the story.

Jacob Holloway
They are just that good

Especially for newbies, it takes all the information and sits it right in front of you in a tangible, easy to search way. Not only that but all the skills, stats, etc, are there. I surprised my spouse with it and she was pleased with the quality and how official everything looked.

Rachel Mavy
Great Quality, just some suggestions:

The cards are really handy to have and I'm glad I've got them. I just think they'd be even more useful if the stat block included the habitats where the creatures live so it's easy to figure out whether my druid has seen these creatures. Also, it goes all the way up to Mammoth for Moon druids, but there's no stats for elementals.

Ty Butler
Nice, high-quality cards!

Cards were so new that they stuck together a bit! Peeled them apart gently and they all look great!

Blair Jennings
Amazing cards!

There is nothing better than having a physical copy of the wild shape options versus having to constantly go back and forth between pages on my phone during our session. Less time is spent fiddling through options as now I can just have everything in front of me and ready to go whenever my druid is ready to wild shape. My friends are jealous, and I'm so happy I made this purchase out of impulse! They're nice and sturdy, good quality, and everything is displayed in a way that's easy to read. I know I sound dramatic, but these have been a positive game changer! :)

Nick Bennett
Love the cards!

Fantastic cards! Easy to read. And display all the details I need. Add more animals! Would love the dinosaurs to be included.

Orrin Dow
Wild Shape Deck

I had just started using these for my druid and I love them. They have everything I need and with a card binder I use for cards such as these its all organized making my life so much easier. Highly recommend