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Dry Erase Initiative Cards
Ruysdael Rodriguez
Initiative Cards

Awesome, glad to have them to keep everything in Order

So much information

I got the full set to run my first campaign, my husband and daughter will be playing 2 different characters each. They love all the info in their books. I love the quick reference guides for me as a first time DM. Plus the different sections will make it easier for them and myself to take notes before and throughout the campaign.

Wild Shapes Deck
Mack Horn
Amazing product

Only got the base set, which came in the day before restarting my campaign where I play a druid. The cards are so helpful, saves so much time having my go to wild-shapes readily at hand. Fully plan to buy the expansion should it ever be sold again in the future.


I was so excited when I received accessory bundle in the mail. Everything is so high quality and the cloth is so cute I don't want to use it. Can't wait to use these items in a game!

Love it

This is my first campaign and this notebook has helped so so much I especially like the dot grid pages in the back. And it’s so pretty!

Arcana Notebook
Alexandra Overy
Loved it!

So pretty and so detailed, will definitely buy from here again!

Condition Pack
Ryan Williams
Excellent quality

Just as described and well made. Super helpful to have the concentration card in front of the concentrating paladin!

Dice Dash 075
Curtis Watkins
Dice a rama!

Love these dice! Such great colors!

Arcana Notebook
Andrew Kramer

I purchased both the player and the GM notebooks and they are incredible. The art and arrangement of the pages are beautiful and all the useful information you need is at the ready!

Arcana Notebook
Alex Finneran
The best way to organize as a DM

iv been looking for something like this for a very long time and it being 24$ is more then worth it to me, I love having what i need right where i need it its a huge help im using it all the time! even with a VTT i like having physical notes. Really good quality easy to read and find what you need when you need it. highest recommendation i can give!

Arcana Note PDFs
Piotr Matuszak


Arcana Notebook
Rachel Smith
Beautiful and Useful

The notebook is very aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The numerous pages to write notes are helpful and the reference section is so useful. I can see myself using the notebook for our entire campaign and maybe the next one.

Arcana Notebook
Alan Thompson
Perfect for adventuring!

The notebook looks awesome and I love how nicely organized it is, I can’t wait to put it to use in my next session

Arcana Notebook
Erica Procopio
A Superb Tool at a Great Price

I'm in love with this notebook. I wouldn't want to create another 5e character without one. Player notebooks of comparable use tend to run at a higher price-point for what I would say is not all that much added utility. Definitely will be shopping here again.

Session Notes Pack
Mason Sward
Best journal set up

This is second time getting this refill pack because the set up is perfect. I use a regular notebook page following each session note page for extra room for notes and it works perfectly.

Arcana Notebook
Alyson DeAnda

The journal has really helped me plan out sessions better

Pretty and useful!

I had originally only gotten a single bookmark for the main class I'm playing, but I have sometimes hopped in to help play some characters from members of our party who can't make it that week, and realized how helpful it would be to have all the classes. These are such a handy little cheat sheet to remembering all the key details for each class! Good quality, nice design.

Class Bookmarks
Jamie Boehmer
ZOMG Amazing

These bookmarks are incredible. I don’t know if I didn’t look at the size before I purchased them but they are larger than I anticipated which is great. I ordered the full set and it’s fun to have them in multiple books and just glance at the attributes and class actions when I open the book.

Very well Made, Would Recommend

Pretty heavy for it's size, finish is well made, wouldn't scratch when i rubbed the edge on any of the faces.

Arcana Notebook
That One Paper Bag
Amazing quality!

Notebook was super good quality and I'm surprised at variety of notes that I could take! Each with more than enough pages for a few campaigns!

Condition Pack
David Wallace
Very Useful for New Players

I have a pretty good grip on conditions, so when I showed these to my partner after they arrived as part of a bundle, I wasn't expecting much of a reaction. She, however, swooped on them like seagulls on snacks! She loves them! It gives her a real sense of security at the table to know that if she gets the poisoned condition, or exhaustion, then she has a handy reference she can pop in her dice tray to help her track it.

And maybe, just maybe I look at them too from time to time. Not to remind myself of anything - no! To, uh, make sure they are printed correctly! Do yourself a favor - get a pack. They are dirt cheap. They are a handy way to have a quick reference at hand and we ALL know a player that would see these and be very appreciative of having them close by as an aid.

Loot Receipts
David Wallace

Sometimes, the simple things are what stand out. This seems so simple, but what a brilliant idea! I wish I had $1 for every time a player has asked our DM if they could get the specifics on an item that had been awarded. Then another $1 for every time the DM had to ask to see the card because they had forgotten what they gave!

Absolutely brilliant. 10 stars!

Arcana Notebook
David Wallace
Great Product

I ordered two of these, one for me and one for my partner. As fantastic as all the digital toolsets are, there was the temptation for me to disengage from the game by using them. It became a lot less of the D&D I remember from the early 80's when I started and a lot more like Monopoly. Sure, all the counters and cards and board are printed and ready to go. And you only need to think about whether or not to buy something you land on. But this carried over to D&D for me and I began to feel I had lost something by abstracting myself from all the facets of the game.

That's where the book came in. It's a fantastic product and elicited jealous looks from everyone at the game table. The quality is good - not perfect. Some pages are a little roughly cut. It would be amazing if the character pages were able to be written on. In feedback to the creator, they acknowledged this is a common request and is not their preferred vision for the book either - but sometimes things happen in production and that seems to be the case.

I LOVE the division of the book into sections for NPCs, Locations, Factions, pre-printed Reference Material, and so on. The session note pages are a great touch. I will say that you MUST do yourself a favor and get the pdf the seller has. Knowing I can print extra pages, even if I can't bind them into the book itself, is a huge relief for me. If this was ever released as a 6 ring A5 binder option, I would never look at another notebook again. Hint Hint.

While I'm hinting, it seems to me that an opportunity has been missed by not including a fauna/flora section so all of us crafter/explorer types can record the plants and beasts magical and mundane we come across.

But these are minor wishlist items for me. This is unquestionably the closest to a perfect D&D journal I have ever come across. Thoughtfully laid out, reference section included, the ability to index on the section header pages, all of it just works. And it works at the table where it really matters. I tabbed the sections so I could quickly flip and I realized that catching all the notes in the session log and then following up after if a person or place needed further development worked better than trying to flip to the right section and take notes on something or someone not fully fleshed out yet. Session notes are the unsung hero of the journal. I would even push for a two-page spread option - but as it is, they are great for easily breaking out important parts of the session on the fly.

I found the erasable insert less useful than the session cards that are sold separately. Wizards sold class kits a while back and I picked up the one for fighter. It has an erasable board for the usual HP, weapon bonuses etc, and also has small tokens for status effects, noting inspiration and so on. The inset in the book seemed more appropriate for DM play as it carried a lot of information that covered multiple players, and the player focused stuff seemed unnecessary. In all, I didn't find much value in that.

But should these things deter you from getting this? In a word, NO. I'm planning to get more and hoard them just in case they sell out. If you want to reengage with D&D as a hobby and not just as a game, I can't recommend these books highly enough. Get one. Get two. You'll be glad you did.

Inspiration Coin
Megan McCrady
Truly EPIC Inspiration Coins!

I've looked all over the internet for cool Inspiration coins for my awesome husband's growing collection of D&D physreps. These are the nicest, *coolest* metal coins I've found. I just grabbed 4 more to boost his collection as we prep to return to live games and I'm so happy all over again! Thank you for making quality stuff like this to enhance our play experience! <3

Inspiration Coin
Sean Nicol
Great gift

I purchased several of these coins and gifted them to the members of my gaming group - they were an immediate hit! Sometimes it's hard to remember as a GM to provide Inspiration, and as a player you sometimes forget you have it! We used them in our 5e game and, with these coins in full view, we all were more aware of RPing to gain Inspiration. It was a noticeable difference!