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Baby Owlbear
Kevin C.
Great Shirt, Great Customer Service

The shirt is amazing and soft. I had a sizing issue that they responded to quickly and resolved amazingly. Very happy with my purchase.

Loot Receipts
Love 'em!

I'm on my fourth set! They make giving out loot super convenient and streamlined.

Healing Potion Pack
Jose Regalado

I’ve purchased this set back in 2018 and I recently broke one of the bottles and I really would love to buy a whole set to replace the one I’ve broken! Please Help!!!! Love yall product❤️🥲

Useful and concise information at a moment's notice.

Useful and great that there are three styles.

Loot Receipts

Unique and fun to use products! Quick delivery, too.

Beautiful green color, and the magnetic clasp will keep all the cards inside!

Arcana Note PDFs
Elan McAtee
Great character sheets

I loved the style of these sheets and how simplified they are. I would have liked them to be either individual pages so I could resort them to print a booklet or the like, but I am mostly happy with the layout.
Some of the boxes were a little confusing for me to decide how to use, so I would have like an example form filled out.

Dry Erase Initiative Cards
Lillian Edwards
Very Clever, indeed

These are so neat! I use em for every session now! i gave a pack to a friends who just started their DM journey (: we love them! Highly recommend the upgrade.

Essential for wild shape

If you're a druid, having these cards is going to save you and your DM an appreciable amount of time. I DM a Circle of the Moon druid, I put these cards in a binder with clear trading card pages (not included) by CR along with his spell cards and he now has everything he needs without taking game time to look up on a different screen or page through a book. The expansion set has more exotic beasts and a set of goodberry cards that can be handed out to the other players.

Excellent construction and well thought-out design. Mad at myself for not finding these sooner.



Archdruid Bundle
Craig Volpe
Useful and cute

Fantastic job organizing all the stats into an easy to use format! Would advise adjusting the box size to fit the deck of cards in at least their present size, possible room for expansion

Collapsible Dice Tray
Paul Morell
Just the right size

I was looking for a tray that didn't take as much real estate at the table. These trays are perfect.

I will always love the initiative cards!

Definitely love the bookmark cards and will always appreciate the character cards

Condition Pack
Justin Gray
Exactly as described

I received everything promptly and in great condition.

Arcana Notebook
Alexander Johnson
Beautiful, Useful, and Excellent Quality

I love every item I've received from Arcane Goods. Even the packaging is made with care and is good enough in quality to be used for storage and repeated use. The pdf package was very nice for customization, but the pre-made journals are just so beautiful and high quality it's hard to replicate. These goods really do enhance the game.

I will definitely be making more purchases as more items come out. This is a fantastic shop.

Class Bookmarks

These bookmarks are fantastically useful. They're beautiful and have clear, easy to read information. One day I'm going to buy at least one of every product Arcane Goods offers.

Arcana Note PDFs
Paul Morell
Good Character Sheets

A nice selection of 5e sheets. Can't wait to print them off and have them staplebound .

Inspiration Coin
Lucia Sanchez
Great handfeel, exactly what I wanted

I was looking for something that looked like a realish coin to hand out, and this is perfect. They have weight to them, the feel solid, and are very pretty.

Arcana Notebook
Autumn B.
Super Cute, Maybe a Little Big for a Spiral

This notebook has everything you need to keep track of your campaign. Some sections like the Locations tab have way more pages than you will ever realistically use, but at least you can't say there isn't enough! My one complaint is that this notebook is so thick that the spiral it needs to hold it together is rather large. It can really be bothersome when you're trying to write. I guess it's really an unavoidable evil, though. Overall the notebook is very high quality!

Healing Potion Dice
Bryan Pasciak
These are the dice you want!

Took me forever to find dice with the number on the top at a reasonable price point. These are the ones you want and they come in the quantity needed!

Cute and looks like it will be super helpful.