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Super Handy

These are super handy, especially for a DM you can just leaf through them if you have a question or if you need something for an NPC

Love these!

I recently pulled these out at my last session of D&D! Everybody loved them! Its also just one less thing to have to remember plus not having to ask everybody for their D4s. Not to mention it's just a nice little extra level of immersion for the game!

What I've been looking for

Simple, easy, and it solves the biggest problem with physical character sheets.

Great tool

I love this notebook will be helpful in organizing all my notes into one place. Only thing I wished it had were tabs to each spot for easier maneuvering of the sections.

Quick delivery with solid products

Delivery was quick and cards are useful. Has settled many arguments at the table on who is up and what "X" condition does without 5 people diving into rulebooks for an hour. Worth the $25.

Love it

Nice pin, love to show my gaming personality.

Inspiration Coin

Super Handy!

Amazing for new players especially to get used to their spells and having them handy!

Pretty cool

Nice to have these for quick leveling up or reminding what abilities do. Though they seem hand cut so they aren't the same size. It feels weird to hold them and them not feeling the same size.

Dot Grid Paper
Great for drawing and mapping

The dot grid paper has a nice thickness and smooth texture that stands up to erasers. It also works well with a variety of pen inks, and the grid is light enough to not be intrusive if you are using the page for drawing or mapping. I'm a fan!

Exactly what you want

Product is exactly the same as shown and very sturdy.

Great Quality

Love the idea and really happy with it's usefulness, 10/10 need to buy for my DM now xD

Healing Potion Pack

Dice Dash 071

Beautiful, unique dice! I really like the swirls and combination of colors.

Great product

This will be perfect in my game.

Best Value!

Honestly I couldn't be happier. I love this bundle and would recommend it to any D&D player hands down. I love that it comes with so many items! I wish the GM screen was bigger as it isn't great to use as a screen itself, but it has a fantastic set of info on it and I stick it behind my full DM screen. My players love the inspiration coin and I love the initiative cards. Fantastic value of items for $25.

Looking good

I grabbed a set of these, thought I ordered the 4 pack. D'oh! They decently look cooler in person! In my opinion they could stand to be made just slightly larger than the current size around index or playing card sized. For both ease of reading and writing. Other than that I still think they deserve the 5 stars!

Great asset!

Love my notebooks!

Iron Forge
New dice again

Another great addition to my dice collection. I scratch my dice itch with Arcane Goods all the time

Healing Potion Pack

Love the new edition

Just started playing and had a Bard join our campaign. Decided to get him this coin so that he could physically have a cue to remember who he gave inspiration to. Enjoy this purchase and will buy more as he levels.

Amazingly Fun Potions!

The whole process was a breeze, and even with a slight shipping issue they were fast at responding and to fix the issue. My players LOVE using the potion bottles! They add a fun level of immersion to the game.

Smooth feel, rich color. Don't help me roll any better

These dice are awesome! They're pretty, and the feel nice in the hand. They're not so heavy that they bounce awkwardly in the tray. Unfortunately nothing can really save me from poor rolls, but I don't think that's the fault of this set.

Better than expected!

I’ve purchased products from Arcane Goods before, so I expected quality, but these coins exceeded expectations. Heavy, well-struck, and shiny. They make a great addition to our weekly games.


Exactly what I was looking for and cuter than I expected

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