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Based on 1277 reviews
Wildshape cards wildly helpful

Dry erase cards for the spell slots icing on the cake to the ease of accessing animal stat blocks without carting around multiple manuals.

Arcana Note PDFs
Robyn Schmit

Arcana Note PDFs

Arcana Notebook
Joseph Cohen
Great addition to writing my campaign!

I really enjoy using this notebook as opposed to a few others offered on the market. I like the hardback covers for writing on the go, no more having to use a clipboard or something. The references pages are nice too, especially for rule questions on the fly. My only complaint is that I wish the reverse sides of the covers were also dry erase friendly. The included initiative tracker is nice, but I have a larger party so a bigger tracker would be nice too. Other than that, well worth it for the money! Already suggested it to my players as well!

Incorrect Stat Blocks

While most of the wildshape cards are correct and accurate, important ones (like brown bear) have incorrect information (+ to attack #’s.) They are close enough where I will still give them to my players but I have to sharpie in the correct stats.
I wonder if there was any quality checks going on prior to publishing these? Other reviews have mentioned similar findings - I’m guessing they are trying to sell out their current incorrect wildshape card inventory before correcting them.

Arcana Notebook
Brittney Lockhart
Amazing purchase!

Ordered this notebook and shipping time was around 5-7 business days for standard shipping, I received it about two days later! Talk about fast shipping!
The quality is amazing and the product is even better than I expected!

In Love!

It's really nice to have all available wildshapes right in front of you. Definitely saves me a headache trying to keep up with everything

Quick, Convenient and Pretty!

I'm normally not a fan of the color pink, the but the design of the cover is very aesthetically pleasing! And this notebook has helped me organize my character sheets a lot better than before.

Wild Shapes Deck
alisha rumbos
Next level playing

I love everything about these cards! They give everything you need to play a druid

Wild Shapes Deck
Jason Martinez
Awesome Product

These cards are sooo well made and they look great, easy to read. We love them. I hope Arcane Goods makes more cards for other Classes.

Arcana Notebook
Gabriel Nater Padro

Arcana Notebook

Arcana Notebook
Andi Krohn
Well organized

Both the player and GM versions of the journals are well organized, easy to read, and they look great!

Wild Shapes pack

The cards are really great to use, makes selections much easier and speedier.

Arcana Note PDFs
Amy Nite
Loving my order so much

I ordered the pdf versions and am going to make myself an AWESOME custom binder utilizing the pdf print outs. Its goong to be fantastic. Im so inspired

Amazing Quality

This was worth backing as the quality of the cards, dice and box is too draw and the communication was top notch!

Great tools

Phenomenal tools for my players. Great mix of dry erase items and paper pages for my players. Would for sure buy again

Wild Shapes Deck
Robin Williams
Beautiful, Useful Accessory

These are so much more convenient than flipping pages in the book or looking up pages on DNDBeyond. They really streamlined my wild shape usage and made it more fun to play a Circle of the Moon Druid.

Wild Shapes Deck
Elizabeth L.

I bought the Wild Shapes deck (and expansion) and my whole party is in awe of them. I'm a very tactile player so being able to pull out my stats as a certain beast and hold them in my hand is wonderful. The quality is great. The cards are nice and solid and fit perfectly into a trading card sheet in my binder.

Arcana Notebook Campaign Pack

Absolutely love!

A great notebook to have to organize everything in 1 place, I've recommended it to all my party memebers

Arcana Notebook
Kylie Lucas

These have come in so handy for me, a pretty new player! I LOVE the wild shape cards, they played a crucial part in my last session!!
I also love the journal, and it’s really handy. My boyfriend, who is a DM of our group also thinks it’s really cool! I have plans to buy him one too!

Super Helpful

10/10 would purchase again. So helpful in keeping everything organized.

Wild Shapes Deck
Mira Warren
Absolutly perfect

I got these for my groups druid and they have been amazing, allows her to be in total control of her wild shaping without much time needed to find stats or help from me as a DM.

Arcana Notebook
M. Davison
Fantastic Notebook!

This notebook is going to be perfect for my next campaign - I'm sure excited to use it! The charts and reminder info is so helpful!

Wild Shapes Deck
Roman Garces

Wild Shapes Deck

Wild Shapes Deck
Katelyn J.
So satisfying

Perfect new treat for dice goblins who can’t justify buying yet another set of dice.
Quality is amazing, the details are superb and it makes being a Druid all the more fun when you’re not shifting back and forth between tabs on your laptop.