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Wild Shapes Deck
Nick Force
Prefect, but...

The item was great for my druid player, though i wish the expansion box would come back in stock soon. I keep checking back and its like its perpetually out of stock.

Inspiration Coin
Mervin Archer
Players loved them

All my players had been awarded inspiration but never used it because it was just a mark on the character sheet. I hope that now that they have something solid to remind them that they have it they will use it.

Class Bookmarks

Super Happy with the information and sturdy card.

Absolutely phenomenal. My playgroup loves them.

I'm a DM running a campaign with my friends and these notebooks have been a great boon in our sessions, as we all have struggles organizing and tracking things. These notebooks have so many helpful features, and the initiative tracking card in the DM Planner has made combat so much faster. This company is awesome and I continue to be deeply satisfied with their products the more I buy from them.

Wild Shapes Deck
David Keech
easy access. requires a little deciphering

as the dm i bought this for a few of my players. they enjoy the streamlined access, and its organization.

however, with so much information printed on small cards, it leaves a lot of deciphering here and there on what certain things mean, with no explination. me and the players had to reffer back to the site description page for the image detailing what certain things meant. and that only worked with the wildshape cards themselves. the deck also comes with a spellslot cheat sheet type card. but again, so much infermation compressed on such a little card, we needed to decipher it. would have been a lot better if (maybe) the outside of the box had the image from the sales page, detailing how to use, or like a small piece of paper giving details. something to have avoided needing to figure out how to use it.

BUT that being said, its still usefull. now that my players(and i) have it figured out, it will be a tool used in every session, as long as they have their druid.

only other thing i might suggest would be if the cards had an image of each animal

Wild Shapes Deck
Cameron Borland
Absolutely wonderful product, would highly recommend to any druid players or DMs.

I as a DM got these for a friend who plays a Moon druid. These cards are absolutely fantastic and very helpful in how they're designed, and the tracker cards have also been a great boon in making sessions smoother and easier. Well more than worth every cent I spent on them.

Good idea, but missing information

I got these as a handy way to handout stat blocks for my FLGS players who might not have access to all the books. It's a great idea, and mostly well executed. The cards are well thought out in design and are easy to use.

But, some stat blocks are incomplete (Black Bear is listed as having Bite and Claw multi-attack, but only Bite is listed, even though there's plenty of room for the second action on the card). Having to look up the stat block anyway kind of defeats the purpose, and not being able to trust the cards are going to be accurate makes me second guess my purchase. I guess it's a "Buy with caution" thing.

Wild Shapes Deck
Brandon Goodling
Wild Shape Deck

Everything arrived quickly and as described. The cards look great and I'm excited to put them to use. The colored level tabs on the side are a great touch and make it easy to quickly sort the cards and find what I need.

Loot Receipts
Daniel Petersen

Loot Receipts

Dice Tray (Error)

Sturdy little tray, a nice convenient size for when the table is already very crowded and cluttered.

Wild Shapes Deck

Very handy and fun

Condition Pack
Matt Schlegel

Great Job. They are very helpful and I got my DM a set. He loves them too.

Can not download due to a DNS error. Emails are going unanswered. This is not how you do business.

Update - they were migrating to a new store. The products are very good but their communication could have been better.

Can not receive as I get a DNS error. The website is down on 6 computers and 2 phones. Emails are not answered. I am beyond frustrated.

I bought a digital download as well. I can not download it as I get a DNS error. I have send them three emails asking for assistance without hearing anything back. I love the items I received but this is crazy.

Wizard Dunk
Brian D
Dunking and Dragons

Love this shirt! Big hoops fan and playing a Wizard in my longterm campaign…best of all worlds

Class Bookmarks
Matt Schlegel
Great Job

My entire table loved these for use as quick reference guides and my DM is going to order a set of his own for his other tables.


The files are all bundled in a huge zip, which is extremely inconvenient for people on metered connections and/or interested in one or two of the files.

Great addition for first time Druid!

Very helpful! Everything I needed to finally not have to continually look up stats online! This makes my DM and other players sooooo much happier too! Great idea with the coins too!

Class Bookmarks
David Russell
Class bookmarks

Great purchase to use for new players

Baby Owlbear
Kevin C.
Great Shirt, Great Customer Service

The shirt is amazing and soft. I had a sizing issue that they responded to quickly and resolved amazingly. Very happy with my purchase.

Loot Receipts
Love 'em!

I'm on my fourth set! They make giving out loot super convenient and streamlined.

Healing Potion Pack
Jose Regalado

I’ve purchased this set back in 2018 and I recently broke one of the bottles and I really would love to buy a whole set to replace the one I’ve broken! Please Help!!!! Love yall product❤️🥲

Useful and concise information at a moment's notice.