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Wild Shapes Expansion Deck

A 110 card deck of laminated, dry erasable cards:

  • 80 Beast Cards
  • 10 Blank Beast Templates
  • 10 Goodberry Cards
  • Druid Reference Cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Brunner-Bourne
Extra Druid Goodies

Ordered the expansion of the wild shapes deck. Love it! Do I need Good Berry cards? No. Are they a delight to have? Yes!
Ordered the wild shape coins. They seem smaller than I remember the bard inspiration coins being. But they look great and feel good in the hand.

Klara Castillo
First Time Player & Druid

I just joined my first campaign about a month ago and chose to be a druid class. I didn't realize how deep the class is with it's abilities. I'm someone who likes to collect physical copies of things and have tangible references for when I'm learning, so when I found this pack of wild shape cards, I immediately knew I had to buy them so I could quickly go through my cards when it came to wild shaping! I'm so happy that these were made available or else I would've had to make them myself! 😅