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Loot Receipts

A carbon copy notepad with enough pages for 25 magic items. Save time as a GM by only writing the item stats once while being able to maintain a copy of your own records. 

The first copy is white paper and the copy is yellow paper. Requires writing with a pen. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David Wallace

Sometimes, the simple things are what stand out. This seems so simple, but what a brilliant idea! I wish I had $1 for every time a player has asked our DM if they could get the specifics on an item that had been awarded. Then another $1 for every time the DM had to ask to see the card because they had forgotten what they gave!

Absolutely brilliant. 10 stars!

Justin Bryant
Love these things

They are intuitively designed to show every crucial detail of the item

Fiance Loved Them

I bought the reciepts for my fiance who loves creating new items for DnD campaigns. I heard him talking about these and decided to get him some. He hasn't used any yet, but is excited to do so!

Natasha LeMay
Very handy

These are an amazing way to keep track of items during a campaign with a lot of players.

Awesome Product!!!

Perfect for anyone who likes to make homebrew items.

Very Neat!

I received these as a gift, and have been very pleased with them. Because I apparently write with a lead hand, I keep a few pieces of card stock between carbon copy sets to keep from messing up sheets further down, and it works perfectly!

Cant wait to use them

Cool and simple!

Rebecca Rolfson

It's always nice to have the loot received on a separate sheet so that it's super easy to find all the info about it. I would recommend these to everyone, whether they use online or in person dnd campaigns!

Wilson Trent
Really cool concept but

These serve their purpose, but the yellow "copy" papers dont transfer as expected.

Hi Wilson,

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience either here or by email at This was our first batch of Loot Receipts and we want to do everything we can to improve upon the design. Did you try several different pens? Was it not transferring at all or only in certain places? We are happy to send a replacement if you think it may have been a defect.

Team @ Arcane Goods

Marissa T
Creative and useful!

I love the idea of loot receipts. Some players in our group are wonderful players but they don’t keep the most detailed records when it comes to items they’ve obtained. Allowing my DM to write out the item’s details for the player and then being able to keep a copy for himself will be very helpful! As always, Arcane Goods never disappoints!