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Inspiration Coin

1.5" zinc alloy inspiration coin.

Customer Reviews

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Jeremy Chew
Amazing accessory for our game

These are amazing. I was very impressed with the look and feel. There are no rough edges or casting marks on them and they have a nice solid heft to them. My players are going to love these!

Kyle S.
A must have for your dragon campaigns!

A great product!
I am running a Tyranny of Dragons campaign for a home-group and these coins fit the aesthetic SO WELL!!!!! The weight, material and quality of these are just awesome. My players definitely like the feeling of using these coins.

Joshua Duncan
Great little prop for gaming

Got a set to give out DM to hand out to our party. Makes a nice little prop and we found physical items help us get more immersed. Great quality. Only draw back is it is only one sided. Either an embossed emblem or printed image would really make this even better.

One sided beauty

These coins are beautiful. They truly are. They have a nice weight, a sleek design that inspires the beholder. But their beauty is one-sided. It came as a bit of a shock. Perhaps more-so because I had backed the druid kickstarter and the wildshape coins were dual-sided. I realize the wildshape coins are probably a newer version. So here is hoping that Arcane Goods will do an updated version of these inspiration coins (and perhaps bardic inspiration coins too!) that are dual-sided. I would repurchase in a heartbeat! In the meantime, these are still exquisite and a wonderful reminder. I have no doubt my players will be delighted.

James Shofner
Fantastic Coins!

I absolutely am head-over-heels for these metal inspiration tokens! The machining quality is amazing, and the weight and size of the coin itself is much larger than I had anticipated. An excellent addition to any tabletop campaign for sure!

Very Well Made, Would Recommend

Pretty heavy for it's size, finish is well made, wouldn't scratch when i rubbed the edge on any of the faces.

Megan McCrady
Truly EPIC Inspiration Coins!

I've looked all over the internet for cool Inspiration coins for my awesome husband's growing collection of D&D physreps. These are the nicest, *coolest* metal coins I've found. I just grabbed 4 more to boost his collection as we prep to return to live games and I'm so happy all over again! Thank you for making quality stuff like this to enhance our play experience! <3

Sean Nicol
Great gift

I purchased several of these coins and gifted them to the members of my gaming group - they were an immediate hit! Sometimes it's hard to remember as a GM to provide Inspiration, and as a player you sometimes forget you have it! We used them in our 5e game and, with these coins in full view, we all were more aware of RPing to gain Inspiration. It was a noticeable difference!

Joshua Littig
Great quality

Is very well made item good solid, quality material.

David E.
5/5 Stars!

Players loved these heavy metal tokens when I passed them out at the start of our one-shot. Can't wait to use these in future games! Highly recommend.