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Grovekeeper Deck Box

This faux leather deck box holds 180+ standard trading card size cards. It features a soft, microfiber lined interior and magnetic flap lid.

Note: As part of our Kickstarter's success, we decided to include more blank beast template cards than orginally intended in our Wild Shape Base & Expansion Decks. Due to this, you will need to set aside ~10 of the extra template cards as well as remove the duplicate reference cards between the decks in order for both decks to fit.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Hodge
Best wildshape deck case

best wildshape box and cards

Better than the pictures!

I wasn't too excited about this box when I ordered it. To be honest, I added it to reach the free shipping threshold... But I am so glad I did. The color is a deep forest green, not the more vibrant green that is shown in the pictures. It has a soft textured feel and just looks amazing. It does not fit all of the cards, but I am fine with that. I don't necessarily want all of the cards with me while I play and I use this box at the table, not just for storage. If you purchase the cards, get the box! It elevates an already amazing product even more.