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Collapsible Dice Tray

Collapsible faux leather dice tray that opens up flat to easily carry on your adventures.

Dice tray is approximately 5 x 8 inches when opened flat and fits comfortably inside the Arcana Note or most other A5 journals.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Morell
Just the right size

I was looking for a tray that didn't take as much real estate at the table. These trays are perfect.

Mason Koebernick

Collapsible Dice Tray

Michael Johnson
good, but small

It's good! The more I've used it the more I realize that I guess you don't NEED a big dice tray. But I will say that I thought it was small from the picture on the website but it is *even smaller.* So just be warned, this is kind of a tiny guy.

Kyle Joslin
Great, for the most part

Really a great product for the price. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for better quality stitching, as some of the stitches on the bottom are already fraying a bit, but it’s not too bad.

Jacob Lenington
Love this tray!

My DM has one of these for the table and its the perfect size to not be in the way but still big enough for all our dice rolls! Love the colors and the texture of the materials!

Ben S.
A little smaller than expected, but very high quality!

I was expecting it to be a bit bigger (misread the dimensions like some other reviewers) but it's honestly big enough, and fits great behind a DM screen! Surprisingly well made too, feels and looks solid and has held up great so far!

Patrick James Hennessey
Great tray, great colour

I recently purchased this dice tray as I was looking for a non leather dice tray. It is a nice portable size if you are travelling to someone else's house to play, or you are just space conscious. I really like it and I love the silver colour as well.

Makoa Brooks
Awesome Product

I love these! Planning on ordering more, I love that they lay flat for storage/travel... certainly have impressed my companions!

Kaci F.
A little hard to snap together, but otherwise great.

This is a really great dice tray. It's smaller than others of this type, but I think it strikes the right balance between being big enough to get the job done and small enough to fit inside a binder or notebook.

The texture is great and the stitching is very good. There are no loose threads or the like.

My only negative, and why I took off one star, is that one of the corners is almost impossible to snap together. I don't know if it's a faulty snap or if it's slightly misaligned, but I've tried and tried until my fingers were sore and only managed to get it snapped shut a couple of times. Like I said, I'm not sure why, but it is trouble enough that I felt I had to dock a star. However, I will say that it still functions with only three corners shut; they hold it together enough that it can still function with one corner remaining undone. If you're planning on just setting it up once and leaving it that way, then this wouldn't even be an issue for you, but since I want to carry it around flat in my character binder, I need those snaps to work.

Josh Bruner
Love it

Recently purchased a handmade dice try on etsy for just a couple dollars more before this. But the arcane goods dice tray is top notch. Quality. Lightning fast shipping. Feels great to roll dice in if you're not trying to spend a ton on high end dice trays. Is a bit tiny. But folds fantastic and feels fantastic. Will be back.