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Arcana Notebook Campaign Pack

Outfit your entire party with this bundle. This campaign pack contains one GM Arcana Notebook and four Player Arcana Notebooks in the art style of your choice. 


Customer Reviews

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Cameron Borland
Absolutely phenomenal. My playgroup loves them.

I'm a DM running a campaign with my friends and these notebooks have been a great boon in our sessions, as we all have struggles organizing and tracking things. These notebooks have so many helpful features, and the initiative tracking card in the DM Planner has made combat so much faster. This company is awesome and I continue to be deeply satisfied with their products the more I buy from them.

Jessica Selman

Arcana Notebook Campaign Pack

Great tools

Phenomenal tools for my players. Great mix of dry erase items and paper pages for my players. Would for sure buy again

Jessica Wright

Arcana Notebook Campaign Pack


They look beautiful and very well organized


very cool, very sexy

Elizabeth M.
Almost perfect!

I purchased the campaign pack for the dnd game I run with older kids/younger teens. It’s a great tool and should help them focus on quests & remember info. It’s also helping them get away from the computer screen & using physical dice. The rules summary is well-chosen, and I especially liked the light source reference (one of those things I always forget!)

It feels like the balance is a bit off, though. We will probably go through all the pages for session notes well before we finish even half of the locations, for example. I’m also going to have to work on a tab system, since it can be tricky to navigate moving from session notes to character sheet and back (much less locating the rules and NPCs/locations). We used the more kid-friendly layout, but there are some oddities: no great place to put base speed on the character sheet, for example. However, I’d still recommend them to other DMs & players. If the balance of sections is too far off, I may think about using the printable pdf pack to make my own notebooks for the next campaign.

Christina McCarthy

I purchased these for a gift. I was surprised to see the notebooks were not sealed in plastic wrap or together as a set. They were placed in a shipping box. of course it has been raining here for over a week. Luckily the box did not get too wet. As an $80 set, I thought they would come wrapped together. I’m hoping they are the full set. There also is not a packing slip.

Breanna Rich

Arcana Notebook Campaign Pack

Collin Joseph Lansdell
My party loves them

Definitely going to be my go to purchase when starting a campaign