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Arcana Note PDFs

Contains a set of form fillable PDF versions of the inner Arcana Note pages so you can print your own refills. The set contains all available art styles.

Your purchase gives you access to all future versions.

Character Sheets

  • Backstory
  • Character Info
  • Stats
  • Feats
  • Inventory
  • Equipment, Weapons, Armor
  • Spells
  • Leveling Up Guide

Reference Pages

  • Actions
  • Armor
  • Combat
  • Adventuring Gear
  • Light Sources
  • Melee & Ranged Weapons
  • Quick Monster Stat Template
  • Spell Schools


  • Session Notes
  • Locations
  • NPCs
  • Organizations
  • Party/Group Summary
  • Campaign Timeline
  • Campaign Summary


Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Robyn Schmit

Arcana Note PDFs

Amy Nite
Loving my order so much

I ordered the pdf versions and am going to make myself an AWESOME custom binder utilizing the pdf print outs. Its goong to be fantastic. Im so inspired

Super Helpful

10/10 would purchase again. So helpful in keeping everything organized.

Justin Nguyen
Beautiful design and content, but not printer or digital friendly

Beautiful designs and useful content, but the pagination and layout are terrible for both print and digital use.

like... it's impossible to print it out onto regular 8.5x11 paper in any functional way without cutting it or doing some kind of creative binder/binding.

the file is 2 pages per 8.5x11 sheet, when they really should be 1 page on a 8.5x5.5 sheet. this way, you can print in booklet format, or much more easily print double sided.

Great Investment for Virtual Players and DMs

Great for those who play online or prefer to take notes on the PC. I purchased this as a gift for my GM who prefers to do everything digitally. I also like knowing I can print backup for myself as needed.

Joseph Dobry
Great for keeping things in order.

Being an over-organizer, it's tough to use a pre-bound notebook knowing that my references can't stay alphabetized. But with endlessly reprintable PDFs and a 3 ring binder, I don't have to worry about all that, but I can still enjoy the beautiful artwork! Also allows everything to be typed and saved if that's more your speed. Definitely a great purchase, love every product I've purchased so far!

So helpful

Super helpful in tracking all the information needed for your game.

Piotr Matuszak


Patrick Millican
Great product

I bought to use on my iPad for my online campaign. The page layouts come in single and double pages. Great for customizing the book to my preference.

Sean Adams
More than expected

I read the description and bought it and was generally surprised with the quality, quantity and extra stuff such as cool artwork and the whatnot also given in the purchase. Definitely worth it and would buy again.