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Condition Pack

This pack contains one card for each condition plus bonus reference cards for coin conversion, potions, languages and concentration.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Williams
Excellent quality

Just as described and well made. Super helpful to have the concentration card in front of the concentrating paladin!

David Wallace
Very Useful for New Players

I have a pretty good grip on conditions, so when I showed these to my partner after they arrived as part of a bundle, I wasn't expecting much of a reaction. She, however, swooped on them like seagulls on snacks! She loves them! It gives her a real sense of security at the table to know that if she gets the poisoned condition, or exhaustion, then she has a handy reference she can pop in her dice tray to help her track it.

And maybe, just maybe I look at them too from time to time. Not to remind myself of anything - no! To, uh, make sure they are printed correctly! Do yourself a favor - get a pack. They are dirt cheap. They are a handy way to have a quick reference at hand and we ALL know a player that would see these and be very appreciative of having them close by as an aid.

Excellent Quality, Very Handy!

The cards are made of great material, so they seem very durable. The printing was well done and the cards have already helped out at the D&D table. I really like them!

Great gift!

The cards will be so great for when my husband DMs.

Becky R
Great cards!

I love these cards, they're super handy for remembering what conditions I have/have caused in combat. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because they cards don't come in a box, so storing them loose/in a rubber band loses some of the classy factor of having them in the first place.

Laura Woodward

Condition Pack

Condition pack

Well made cards, they help out my kids understand their character's conditions better

Shannon Clegg
condition pack

These cards are a beautiful quality! They will really help our campaign out and help the players know what the condition is and how they solve the problem!

Very handy

Super useful reference cards! As a DM they've already helped me

Jenna Levitski
So fun!

The cards are great! Well made and fun.

Fantastic to use in a pinch for players to keep track of their conditions.