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Class Bookmarks

Each bookmark is 8.5" x 3.5" and contains class features and the class leveling table.
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Customer Reviews

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Valcan Krull
Class Bookmarks

Been waiting for the full set to come in stock and it did not disappoint. Excellent quick resource option.

Joseph Kaidell
Class bookmarks

I bought these just to see if one of my groups would use them and they were a big hit as soon as I showed them. They all thought the bookmarks were a great reference.

Robbie Herner
Class Bookmarks

Very happy with the information, the way it is layer out and the feel of the bookmarks. Great gifts for my team.

Jason Graham
Amazing tool

Absolutely love this item and can’t wait to use it for our next campaign. It will help for many quick references.

Pretty and useful!

I had originally only gotten a single bookmark for the main class I'm playing, but I have sometimes hopped in to help play some characters from members of our party who can't make it that week, and realized how helpful it would be to have all the classes. These are such a handy little cheat sheet to remembering all the key details for each class! Good quality, nice design.

Jamie Boehmer
ZOMG Amazing

These bookmarks are incredible. I don’t know if I didn’t look at the size before I purchased them but they are larger than I anticipated which is great. I ordered the full set and it’s fun to have them in multiple books and just glance at the attributes and class actions when I open the book.

Ashley Peaslee

Super handy -I've never played a bard for a longer campaign and love this handy cheat sheet!

Joshua Littig
Really cool reference item

These a pretty neat and useful tool. Knocking off a star though because they weren’t quite produced to the best quality. Some of the cards aren't cut the same size as the rest. Text & tables on each card are laid out with soccer to spare so it seems like it’s just manufacturing sloppiness.

David Erickson
Love These!

Bought these as a supplement for my players. Can't wait to drop them at the table.

Jessie Selleck
Love these!

I have three of these bookmarks. Such a great, easy reference tool!