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November 26, 2020 2 min read 3 Comments

Greetings Adventurers!

We hope that the holidays give you some time for a long rest to regain a bit of magic as the year comes to an end.We don't know what the new year will hold but hopefully it is full of making stories and rolling dice with friends.To help bring some joy to you or your party members we are giving away some gifts with certain orders between now and Christmas. 

Free Gift Tiers (11/27 - 12/25)

Orders over certain amounts will be eligible for free gifts. In order to receive the gifts be sure to add them to your cart then apply the code at checkout. 

Common Tier ($10 or more)
Use code COMMON for a free inspiration coin.

Uncommon Tier ($20 or more)
Use code UNCOMMON for free session cards.

Rare Tier ($30 or more)
Use code RARE for a free dice set.

Very Rare Tier ($40 or more)
Use code VERYRARE for a free initiative card pack.

Legendary Tier ($50 or more)
Use code LEGENDARY for a free dice tray.

Not interested in a gift?

Use code HOLIDAYS2020 for an extra 10% off of any order.

Adventuring Party Rewards Program Members

Earn double Gold Dragons on all orders placed between now and Christmas. 

Please stay safe and have a happy holidays! Thank you so much for supporting small business like us. We can't express how much it means to us to be a part of such an amazing community and we love hearing about all of your epic stories inside and outside of the game. 

Team @ Arcane Goods

All discounts and gifts are only while supplies last. Discounts can't be stacked and only one code can be used per order so be sure to choose the code that works best for you.

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December 05, 2020



December 05, 2020


Matthew Merranko
Matthew Merranko

December 04, 2020

I just ordered but forgot to use the code. Can I still receive my free gift?

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