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Wild Shapes Deck

A 110 card deck of laminated, dry erasable cards:

  • 85 Beast Cards
  • 20 Blank Beast Templates
  • Druid Reference Cards

Customer Reviews

Based on 298 reviews
Mira Warren
Absolutly perfect

I got these for my groups druid and they have been amazing, allows her to be in total control of her wild shaping without much time needed to find stats or help from me as a DM.

Roman Garces

Wild Shapes Deck

Katelyn J.
So satisfying

Perfect new treat for dice goblins who can’t justify buying yet another set of dice.
Quality is amazing, the details are superb and it makes being a Druid all the more fun when you’re not shifting back and forth between tabs on your laptop.

Melissa Norton
Perfect for my party!

My group is made up of very visual people so it is great to have a card to lay out in front of you to determine stats. It helps the session flow. Plus the cards are amazing quality and there is a huge variety of beasts to choose from. Only downside is I don't think all the CR levels match with the beasts in the official D&D books. Most do, but a few are off by one.

Kody Nash

Wild Shapes Deck

Reginald Bennett
Wildshape cards

Thanks for the super fast shipping!

Miguel Centellas
Great for familiars, too!

These will be very useful for my adventuring party. In addition to using them for druid wildshapes, we also use them for familiars.

Devon Jacobs
Great service!

Beautiful art, impeccable quality, and when my order was sent to the wrong address, (totally my fault) they sent a new one no questions asked! Good people!

Sean Carr

Wild Shapes Deck

Christopher Paton
Never arrived

I ordered this and it never arrived.
I emailed the company twice with no response