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Healing Potion Pack

A set of four healing potions: common, greater, superior and supreme. Each glass bottle has a cork lid and contains the appropriate number of shimmering red d4's to make your potion rolls. Makes a great gift and a fun prop to have at the table.

Customer Reviews

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John Mkitarian
Very Good Product

Cute and functional.

Sam R.
The Perfect Potion Pack!

Absolutely LOVE these little potions! They're helpful and adorable!

Travis Stack
Healing Potions

They are great. Well designed and make dnd even more fun.

Justin Deweese
Absolutely beautiful

This kit is amazing. The glass bottles are very well made, with the labels being both stylish and helpful as far as knowing what to add/roll. The dice themselves have a nice sparkle to them that adds to the "potion" look of the whole thing. And the customer service for the company in general is fantastic. All around recommend for anything you're interested in at this shop.

Wade Rutherford

A must have visual for your game! Great Quality & Very Useful Tool for your Table!


Great price, quality product, less expensive than buying the items separately and making them.

Adam P
Super Cool!

Super cool, but there's tiniest flaw in the bottle size. The supreme dice set fits too snuggly to easily come free. Bottles should maybe be a smidge bigger to accommodate.

Super Fun for In-Person Play

Got these for a new campaign and they are so handy to have. Instead of trying to remember which tier of healing potion has what, the DM can just grab the appropriate bottle and it always makes for a few good laughs or groans. Plus, no one has to worry about digging out a ton of d4's from their dice stash, which saves so much time. No more getting distracted by d4s bought and long forgotten in dice bags of holding.

Enjoying greatly

They're a great product and purchase Shipping was fast, and the product was reasonably priced. For anyone who needs to know, They're the 'normal' sized D4's with the numbers on top. A great addition to my collection! I will probably be purchasing more in the future for family and friends.

Dylan Essebaggers
Awesome Dnd prop

Cool decorative piece for your desk. Is a cool prop for people to use in dnd when they need to use a health potion and a great tool to learn the different types of health potions