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Card Holder Pages

Pack of 10 card holder pages. Fits any 6 ring A5 size journal such as the Arcana Notes. Holds any normal trading or playing card size or smaller.

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Samantha Chisom

Card Holder Pages

Thomas Kennedy
Great quality, Interesting Layout

The card holder pages look like they are sized to hold the standard playing card size. I was hoping for the larger "Deck of Many" size card, but I am still happy with the quality and thickness of material. Now to wait for the Arcana Notebook from the Kickstarter!

Krista VanAuken

These pages are really nice. Very sturdy, don't scratch and you insert your cards from the middle. No worries about slipping out and they are very well protected.

Megan Sward
Great company, great products

These pages perfectly fit the wild shape cards and spell cards too. They are a great addition to my session binder and keep all my stuff together and easy to access.

Marissa T
Great for spell cards, item cards, etc.

I bought these sleeves to store all my reference cards and they’ve been wonderful so far. I appreciate that the sleeve openings are on the “sides” and not at the top of the sleeve- I’ve had so many cards slip out of top loading card sleeves and so far the ones in these sleeves have stayed out. Great product!

Must have for A5 Binders

I love these so much that I purchased 10+ sets to make a Spellbook Collection.

Greg Mallek

Card Holder Pages

Chad LaFrance
These sheets are a godsend!

These pages are awesome, I use them interchangeably between my characters. My only complaint is that while the stock cards that come on this site fit it perfectly (the fill-in item and spell cards), other types of cards don’t fit as well. The condition cards fit but are wider than the pockets so they hang out a bit and it can get slightly annoying when the cards fall out a bit, and any other type of cards has a similar problem with other types of cards. But despite that I still stand by these sheets. They’re durable, they do fit the fill-in cards perfectly, and are the only card sheets I have found that fit an A5 size journal.