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Cantrip Candles

Made with 100% Soy Wax and poured in small batches by Cantrip Candles. Price is for one candle with a 30+ hour burn time.

Library Scriptorium 
Notes: Parchment, Aged Wood, Leather

Muffled whispers and scratching quills are heard in this hall of knowledge. Wooden shelves house centuries worth of history. Spell books, bardic tales, and poetry are wrapped in leather bindings and perfectly arranged. Shh... be quiet!

Dungeon Depths
Notes: Dust, Stone, Water

Miles of winding tunnels and passageways form a network of danger and mystery. Torches smolder and flicker against the damp cavern walls as you get closer to your destination… or perhaps your doom. An eerie wind seems to blow from behind you, slowly urging you further and further into the darkness.

A Walk in the Woods
Notes: Pine, Sandalwood

As twigs and branches snap under your feet, sunlight scatters through the swaying pine trees above. A breeze carries with it the scent of fallen leaves and moist soil. Better keep moving, the camp is still miles ahead. 

Black Hound Tavern
Notes: Whiskey, Firewood

The Black Hound Tavern is a dark and cozy spot that’s perfect for anyone who fancies a bit of quiet. What they lack in conversation they make up for with strong drink. The smell of barrel aged whiskey permeates the room. The warm, crackling fireplace makes for the ideal spot to sit and enjoy one of the many stiff brews the tavern has to offer. Just remember to tip the barkeep well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Curtis Watkins
Scents of adventure

So far, I like the scents and packaging of these candles. My only gripe is how non fragrant they are. You would need at least three of each scent to make a room actually smell like the candle intends.

Katrina Schiller
Fantastic! Sultry! Long-Lasting!

These candles smell amazing and burn so smoothly! The fragrance is strong enough to fill my bedroom without being overpowering. I will definitely be purchasing again!

Damien Mammoliti
Smells great!

All came in great condition and the scents are wonderful. The Library Scriptorium is my favourite, but I've docked a star simply because the scents are too mild. I hoped for a more potent smell, it barely fills the space next to me let alone a whole room. Not sure if it's just my shipment but I'd be willing to give it another try in the future, perhaps!

Sean Oestringer

Cantrip Candles