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Arcana Note Adventure Kit

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Whether you are a player or a GM, the Arcana Note Adventure Kit provides a dragon's hoard of supplies to help you with your 5E games.

The kit comes with a long-lasting leather journal that is crafted to survive many epic campaigns. The handy size allows you to easily bring it to your sessions by throwing it in your backpack or car. It also takes up less space at the table. The strong leather covering protects your sheets from tearing, bending and arcane missiles. The inner pages are designed to streamline your games so you can spend more time adventuring and less time looking up information or printing resources.

The Adventure Kit is a great piece of loot for both new players as well as veterans looking to raise the armor class of their character sheets. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Absolutely Stunning!

    I excitedly paid for 2 day shipping, and if there was any faster shipping, I would've paid for it.The leather is perfect, the contents are a must have for any player, and just looking at the items for dungeons masters makes me inclined to start dming as soon as possible. The price seems high, but in fact seems to be incredibly low for the quality and quantity.

    Outstanding Products

    I've been holding off on this for a little bit, running my campaign and waiting to see how all the items are used. Personally, I absolutely love this set as a DM, but am looking forward to swapping out some pages to use as a PC book or buying a second just to keep them separate.

    The dice tray is great for heavier weight dice, I prefer metal dice, and the soft tray absorbs the impact without the deafening thud I normally find on tables or other trays.

    The item cards have been great fun to use as a way to reward my players. I find these best utilized to create campaign specific items, or even magic items that require a bit of additional information.

    My favorite item by far though are the inspiration coins (I bought extras). I find that giving inspiration is often a pointless endeavor as the player that receives it almost never uses it. It goes on a character sheet and is promptly forgotten. A physical coin makes this much more difficult to forget about and the "spending" of inspiration becomes so much more satisfying when they have to hand over the coin.

    In the end 10/10, would (and might) buy again.

    Perfect in every way

    If you're into RPGs, the Arcana Note Adventure Kit is the perfect indulgence to add some class to keeping track of your character as a player, or your campaign as a GM. Every item included is of high quality, and built to last while providing value and convenience.

    Be the envy of your table with this kit!


    Very good

    Husband Loved It!

    Got this for my husband for our first anniversary (paper anniversary) and he absolutely loved it! He said he got a lot more included and better quality for a fraction of the price of other similar items from other companies. He brought it to his next session and told all of his friends where to get one!