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Arcana Note Adventure Kit

Whether you are a player or a GM, the Arcana Note Adventure Kit provides a dragon's hoard of supplies to help you with your 5E games.

The kit comes with a long-lasting leather journal that is crafted to survive many epic campaigns. The handy size allows you to easily bring it to your sessions by throwing it in your backpack or car. It also takes up less space at the table. The strong leather covering protects your sheets from tearing, bending and arcane missiles. The inner pages are designed to streamline your games so you can spend more time adventuring and less time looking up information or printing resources.

The Adventure Kit is a great piece of loot for both new players as well as veterans looking to raise the armor class of their character sheets. 

Includes Arcana Note PDF download link for printing your own refills, using the form fillable sheets or sharing with your party.

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    Customer Reviews

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    All the goodies!

    Loving the Arcana Note so far as a player. It’s been really great and super useful during our sessions. All the other players are jealous and looking to get one soon as well. Can’t wait to use it as a DM soon. All the extras are really helpful and not things you would think you needed but now I can’t live without them. Thanks Arcane Goods :)

    New Adventures!

    I had been searching for something like the Arcana Note for awhile, to the point where I was going to design my own. Then I found this and immediately jumped to get one! I used it at our table for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the whole party couldn't stop looking at it and asking questions. We're a few sessions, about 20, into our campaign and I need to back fill things, but I'm in love with everything so far!

    Just wow.

    Seriously buy this book, it’s incredible.

    Seriously awesome

    One of the best purchases I've made in a hot minute. Good show arcane goods.

    Has improved planning

    This has really improved my organization. The session notes sections, really speed up looking for details. It slims down packing when I'm playing out, and takes up less space when playing at home. I'm getting a second one for my other campaign!

    Absolutely Amazing

    One look at my bookshelves and the countless Moleskine notebooks will tell you that I love notebooks. The only problem I come up against with a blank notebook is filling it in with custom templates and pages to stay organized. The Arcane Note took that step completely away in beautiful layouts for my campaigns, sessions, npc notes, timelines, etc. It let me dig right in to what i love about journaling, and that is organization. If you are a Player or a DM that craves simple, yet, organized layouts of your notes, this is the notebook. As a bonus, it is all bound in an absolutely brilliant leather cover. I mean it looks amazing. Reminds me of Dr Jones Grail diary... a tomb of notes, maps, and solutions to puzzles from my adventures. This notebook is a must own.


    This thing is amazing kinds wish the tings were just a tad bit bigger but other than that its great

    Fantastic head start

    I ordered this for myself once I realized it also contained the notebook I already had in my cart. As a new DM this makes me feel like I really have my life together! I love that it includes so many helpful things I was going to end up buying over time for a much higher price. I love the quality and the ability to choose the style of the notebook. All these items are quality and I love them! Now I just need the friends to complete my journey to starting a group. Any chance they sell those here?

    Top Notch

    Great quality and attention to detail would definitely buy again as a gift for anyone

    Great product

    I ordered the leather style of this journal. I love it. Being able to organize and keep track of everything in one journal is such a godsend. Having the cards for reference and dry erase cards for players is fantastic.

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