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Arcana Notebook

Chronicle your adventures in this beautiful campaign journal.  The 200+ pages within are packed full of information to help you streamline your sessions and provide a place to record every location, NPC and faction you come across.


The Arcana Notebook is well armored with thick 14 pt cardstock covers. The interior pages are printed on 85 lb paper that is heavier than your typical printer paper and will hold up to heavy erasing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Ian Adair
Fantastic products

Amazing products and arrived very quickly, 3rd time ordering from Arcane Goods and always satisfied

Tiffany Bowery

The Players Arcana Notebook I purchased is a dream come true! I love the smaller size. With my ADHD I like to keep everything around the same size and in a bag I can grab and go, and the smaller the kit, the better! This is amazing, even if the batch I got didn't have the dry erase on the inside, but I have heard the new ones do. This product is 10/10 and I will be purchasing more in the future, as well as a DM notebook soon!

Mike D

Arcana Notebook

Wolfe Scendo
Best Character Journal I've Ever Used

For a single campaign use, as long as you don't plan to go through more than two characters, which kind of defeats the purpose of the journal anyway, it's simply top notch. Affordable compared to a lot of others with all the features you'd expect. Quite frankly my only complaint is they don't have more art styles for the journals. I plan to use this journal for all of my characters from now on and want to collect each one once the campaign ends to memorialize my characters and after two I'll be out of books that look different lol. But it's an incredibly minor thing really. Frankly it has tools I didn't even know I wanted lol. Overall very satisfied.

Mazom Gintz

Arcana Notebook

Great product

I'm super excited to organize my first campaign with this.

Shannon Campeau
Very pleased

This was perfect for me. Now I can keep my notes organized and refer back to everything so much easier.

Amber Tumia

Arcana Notebook

Alison Thompson

Arcana Notebook

Mason Blazer
Just Shy of Perfection

My only nitpick is I want more- the layout and reference pages are excellent. Can we get a larger size, because I'll buy another!