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Dry Erase Initiative Cards

Keep combat flowing smoothly with these dry erase initiative card tents. Each pack contains 15 reversible cards. Set them on the table in front of each player or line them up on your GM screen.

Card dimensions are approximately 2.75" wide and 2" tall when folded.

Customer Reviews

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Adam Coulon
These are great!

Absolutely work as intended! My only suggestion would be to make a set that are thinner than they are tall, to accommodate larger encounters.

Todd P
Initiative Tracking Cards

Nicely made, arrived fast. Hope my Players like them.

Chris McMullan
Initiative trackers

Love these!

Nate M
Durable, useful, and inexpensive.

I’ve been using the pack I purchased for over a year, across 4 weekly games (so lots of erasing) and they have held up very well. Do make sure that you erase them occasionally as the few I had that I didn’t need to erase have stained ever so slightly (I didn’t erase them for around 6 months.)

If these are redesigned, I’d love to see an additional area (or two) for other passive scores (simply a box labeleld “passive score” that could be used for anything, e.g. Intelligence (Investigation) or Wisdom (Survival), etc.

The erasable coating does break when you fold them so anything written in the center may bleed, and constant folding/flattening is weakening them, but that’s a minor gripe, I suppose as they’re still golfing together well, given 4-8 folds/flattens each week.

I’ll be reordering these when mine expire and I’ve given them as gifts to other DMs. That’s about the highest praise I can give.

Can't wait

I'm excited for the time when I can play dnd again and use these.

Pretty good

Overall very handy. Wish it had a spot for the actual initiative but otherwise I like using em!

David Graham
Roll For Initiative

Not only did I get these wonderful cards quickly in the mail. Seriously, the arrived crazy fast. The first thing I noticed was that they were smaller then they seemed on the website, but then I used them in a game...and I was wrong they are the perfect size, and really sped up my game! I love them. Great product!

Michael Loveless
Amazing Product

This product is great! While the choices may be different (why stealth disadvantage over something else), I will still use them in my campaign: 6 Tavern Travelers on YouTube.

Nic morgan
Should have been initiative not Save DC

I appreciate these cards. They helped my wife and daughter, whom are first time D&D'ers understand mechanics better. While handy, the material they are made from, is not the most friendly to dry erase (Had to press really hard for the marker to write on it. To the point of putting grooves in the cards), and the Save DC should have been initiative I feel, as there are many Save DC's you use in 5e

Kyle Kramek
Needs some tweeks

Price is fine for what you get, but having a little bit of spacing between the folds would allow for it to actually sit on the dm divider. Also wishing they had a couple other stats instead of dark vision and stealth disadvantage. Seems like a lot of space for what I feel are smaller checks.