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Item Card Blanks

A pack of 40 double sided blank item cards to keep your spells organized. Enough for 80 items. Standard trading card size so will fit most card holders.
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Gregory Montalbano

Item Card Blanks

Jerrid Green

Everything i purchased is awesome. Love the stuff i bought you guys need to make more new products!!!!!

Devon Gibson
Magnificent Products & Brand

For reference, this is a review for the Item Card Deck, the Wildshape Deck and the Initiative Deck.

The entire idea of this company is so on point. I really appreciate the Card Format in terms of organization when playing D&D. The card’s formats and style are concise and minimalist yet also exactly what you need in such a way that is both easy on the eyes and easy to utilize whether on the fly or planning ahead.

My only issue is more-so just a currently unfulfilled dream of mine. That they make both Monster Cards and Spell Decks 🙏🏽❤️ That would be wonderful. Other companies do it, sure, but have you seen the Wildshape deck? It’s so nice to look at and navigate, and the price of the deck isn’t bad at all for how many you get. Other decks I’ve seen (far and few between) either look like they came out of the AD&D era visually and aren’t Playing Card or Tarot Card sized (but instead larger), or they’re sooo expensive for just a few cards (thinking of a certain Deck of Many series 🤨). So, it’d be awesome if Arcane Goods could make more decks like the Wildshape Deck. Or so goes my dream.

With that said, my purchase was perfect, the company is cool, their products are wonderful and I’m a grateful and happy customer of Arcane Goods.

Zack Krasney
Killing it!

I originally got the inspiration coins. They're amazing and far exceeded my expectations so went back to look at other items. The item cards and spell slot cards are AMAZING. Once again, you guys exceeded my expectations. Consider me a lifelong customer.

Riley Baker
Great Product, Exactly what I Needed For My Games

These item cards are exactly what I was looking for. They give me the perfect layout to write down all the info I need in game for any weapons or spells my players have.

Steven Donley
These cards are great!

I got these cards to use for Star Wars 5e since their digital character sheet is still in Beta. These cards make it easier for me to track my special abilities as a Scholar (maneuvers and discoveries). They are very helpful and easy to organize.

Marissa T
Love these!

The item cards are printed on high quality card stock with plenty of room to write all kinds of details for items. I find this way easier than scribbling notes about my inventory on a character sheet and I love that there is even space to draw the item if you so desire!

So Helpful!

These are great when making home-brew items! I like to give cards to my players to help give them the sense of receiving a physical item. I believe it helps with role-play, it was always difficult to do that with home-brew but now I have a way!


A great product, as with the spell cards, but even more useful as there are (usually?) far fewer items to keep track of than spells.

Emily Lane

Item Card Blanks