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Arcana Note Journal

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The Arcana Note is a portable, rugged leather notebook filled with tools and pages to help you play or run your fifth edition games smoothly.

  • Long-lasting leather journal that is crafted to survive many epic campaigns. 
  • The handy size allows you to easily bring it to your sessions by throwing it in your backpack or car. It also takes up less space at the table.
  • The strong leather covering protects your sheets from tearing, bending and arcane missiles. 
  • The inner pages are designed to streamline your games so you can spend more time adventuring and less time looking up information or printing resources.

 Included in the journal:

  • Leather or Felt Journal Cover
  • Two Character Sheets
  • Rules Reference Pages
  • Notes Pages for Session, NPCs, Locations and Organizations.
  • Mini GM Screen
  • Grid Paper
  • Page Dividers
  • Game Ruler
  • Zip Pouch
  • 10 x Card Holder Pages (holds up to 80 standard trading cards)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Absolutely love this thing!

The quality is top-notch, it has a small footprint at the table while keeping everything readily accessible, and can be rearranged however you like. What's not to love?


Arcana Note Journal

Great Gift and fun idea. My D&D group loved it.

I purchased 7 of these products (one for myself and the rest for the table) as a Christmas gift. The gifts went over very well and they loved them. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action when we get back together after the holidays!

The reason this product got a 4-star instead of a 5-star review.
The binder that was used within the leather satchel was just "okay". It clipped together very firmly but the rings were a bit small. You can't easily fit the entirety of the package on just one side of the rings (as an example). As a result it can get a little frustrating to put together if you wanted to have extra character sheets, session notes, etc. Also, while I can use the tabs at the top and bottom of the binder to open the rings they open nearly flush against the leather binding and it's difficult to use them to close the rings. I press the rings together manually (and carefully, because as mentioned before they are strong) to close it up.

There is a hard plastic divider as well that doesn't play nicely with being able to close the journal when you have it packed full. I ended up taking mine out and not using it.

If the binder rings were 2 sizes larger I would've given this a 5 star, even if the tabs were still a bit wonky to use :)

Overall, excellent gift and well worth the investment.

Cannot Wait!

I've been staring at it since it arrived, I'm counting the days to use her.

A fantastic dnd find

Loving this for my current long running campaign, the campaign notes section has really saved me looking through my old notebooks