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Arcana Notebook

Chronicle your adventures in this beautiful campaign journal.  The 200+ pages within are packed full of information to help you streamline your sessions and provide a place to record every location, NPC and faction you come across.


The Arcana Notebook is well armored with thick 14 pt cardstock covers. The interior pages are printed on 85 lb paper that is heavier than your typical printer paper and will hold up to heavy erasing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Saralyn Cifuentes
Arcana Notebook

Great quality, arrived quickly. Beautiful players journal; I love the artwork and the way it is organized is going to really help me as a newbie.

Ryan Nelson
Outstanding journals

Both the GM and players journals are great quality with tons of useful information and organizational material that is very helpful in planning or tracking your campaign.

Good little book

The book is great, I'm still getting used to using it but it definitly helps. The art work in the book is really nice. If your in the fence on buying it go ahead and do it, you'll find it useful.

Brandon Smith
Birthday Gift

It got here super quick, and my DM loves it for when we're running our campaign. Everything is so easy to find and convenient

Dustin Magnan

Arcana Notebook

Brielle Humphrey
I love this notebook

I have been writing my own notes for games since I was 10, but this is by far the most organized and unique journal I have ever found. I recommend this to every D&D player out there for keeping their campaign notes.

Марина Багрова

Arcana Notebook

Kaylee McManus
Amazing Gift for My DM Boyfriend

I recently bought this for my partner and was able to give it to him today. To say he was excited about all of the goodies within this book is an understatement. From all of the pages of references to all of the world building pieces, this is a MUST HAVE for any DM in your life!

Joseph Dobry
Functional and gorgeous

As the self-appointed note taker of my D&D group, I needed something to help me organize all of the settings, people, and factions of the world our DM has laid out for us. This notebook has been amazing for it! Lots of reference material, a table of contents for each section, and cross-reference lines make finding information a breeze! And I love the watercolor artwork that really brings the book to life and brings me into the fantasy mindset. This is a product I will purchase for every campaign I play in.

Amy Vincent
Better than expected

When I first looked at these notebooks I thought it might be a scam but now that I hold it in my hands I am impressed with it. The only minor thing I would like to add is maybe tabs for the different sections or make the first page with the titles slightly larger than the rest of the pages for easier access to the wonderful information.