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Arcana Notebook

Art Style

Chronicle your adventures in this beautiful campaign journal.  The 120 pages within are packed full of information to help you streamline your sessions and provide a place to record every location, NPC and faction you come across. When the campaign winds down and your hero is ready to retire, the Arcana Notebook will ensure your memories are kept safe on your bookshelf so you can always reflect on the journey.

What's inside?

Character Sheet

The Arcana Notebook contains a redesigned 5E character sheet to provide even more space for important information while keeping it compact and laid out in an order that makes sense. There is dedicated space for character background, stats, equipment, inventory, feats, abilities and spell casting.

Reference Tables & Diagrams

  • Combat: Attacking, Spellcasting & Actions
  • Weapon, Armor & Gear Tables
  • Light Source Diagrams
  • Quick Monster Stats
  • Leveling Up Guide
  • Spell Schools
  • Conditions
  • Vision & Cover

Campaign Notes

  • Party Tracker
  • Campaign Overview
  • Timeline
  • Session Notes
  • Locations
  • NPCs
  • Organizations
  • Dot Grid Paper


O-Ring Binding

We know the importance of table space. The o-ring binding allows you to fold your notebook over on itself to only take up a 5.5 in. x 8.5 in. area. It also lays entirely flat to make sure the notebook stays open to the whichever page you leave it on, eliminating the annoyance of losing your spot when making a roll and making it easier to write on.

Dry Erase Inserts

No need to worry about your eraser wearing through the character sheets as you level up. Each notebook comes with a dry erasable session insert with space for you to track all of the constantly changing values in one easy to erase place. The back of the insert contains a dry erasable party tracker with shared inventory space. For the GM versions, there is a handy dry initiative sheet on one side and a party tracker on the back.

Game Ruler

The back cover can be used in a pinch to measure out spell and ability distances quickly and accurately.

Battle Tested

The page layouts and design have been play tested by the 1000+ backers of our original Arcana Note Adventure Kit Kickstarter we ran over two years ago as well as the thousands of players who have picked up an Arcana Note since then. During that time, we have used adventurer feedback to iterate our products to fit a wide range of styles so you can focus on the role-playing, not the bookkeeping.


The Arcana Notebook is protected by 100 lb cardstock covers coated in a dry erase finish. The interior pages are printed on 70 lb paper that is heavier than your typical printer paper and will hold up to many intense sessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great tool

I love this notebook will be helpful in organizing all my notes into one place. Only thing I wished it had were tabs to each spot for easier maneuvering of the sections.

Great asset!

Love my notebooks!

Love the artwork and the Organization

As a highly disorganized person AND a DM, it isn't hard to imagine that I can forget NPC names or even where we are in the campaign. You can imagine my excitement when I saw this project on Kickstarter and I immediately contributed to the cause. Great product and the PDF version is also great if you want to craft your own!

Fast and Honest

I ordered a Player's Journal and instead got a GM's Journal. I emailed ArcaneGoods and explained the situation, and they were prompt and apologetic and sincere, and they sent the right one immediately. Everything is in fantastic shape, and the journal is the perfect size. I can't wait to use my journal at my next session.

Arcana Note

Cover art is absolutely beautiful. I ordered both the r-n-w and the arcane versions and am very pleased with both.

Pretty snazzy notebook

My campaigners are gonna be so jealous when they see my notebook! Super happy with the quality

Great Product

Such a good way to stay organized for my games. Really not sure how I did that before this notebook.

So many useful sections!

This is definitely the best journal I've found for long campaign style games that involve lots of side quests, locations, NPCs, and such. The Arcana Notebook has a space for everything I need to catalogue over the course of my quests!

Excellent Product

I ordered an adventurers journal and was super impressed. This journal has ALMOST everything I could ask for. I love how everything is organized and section off. I liked mine so much when I received it, that I ordered another one for my other campaign. I especially love the reference section. It has a lot of material that is super useful. Over all it's an excellent Product. My only negative about this product is that I wish there was a little bit more space for generalized notes in the character sections. I've realized that I have to attach sticky notes to some of my pages because there isn't enough room for some of my characters notes and backstory. Other than this I love the journal. My brother even ordered two for his characters! 💜


Arcana Notebook (Pre-order)

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