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Arcana Notebook

Chronicle your adventures in this beautiful campaign journal.  The 200+ pages within are packed full of information to help you streamline your sessions and provide a place to record every location, NPC and faction you come across.


The Arcana Notebook is well armored with thick 14 pt cardstock covers. The interior pages are printed on 85 lb paper that is heavier than your typical printer paper and will hold up to heavy erasing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Joseph Cohen
Great addition to writing my campaign!

I really enjoy using this notebook as opposed to a few others offered on the market. I like the hardback covers for writing on the go, no more having to use a clipboard or something. The references pages are nice too, especially for rule questions on the fly. My only complaint is that I wish the reverse sides of the covers were also dry erase friendly. The included initiative tracker is nice, but I have a larger party so a bigger tracker would be nice too. Other than that, well worth it for the money! Already suggested it to my players as well!

Brittney Lockhart
Amazing purchase!

Ordered this notebook and shipping time was around 5-7 business days for standard shipping, I received it about two days later! Talk about fast shipping!
The quality is amazing and the product is even better than I expected!

Quick, Convenient and Pretty!

I'm normally not a fan of the color pink, the but the design of the cover is very aesthetically pleasing! And this notebook has helped me organize my character sheets a lot better than before.

Gabriel Nater Padro

Arcana Notebook

Andi Krohn
Well organized

Both the player and GM versions of the journals are well organized, easy to read, and they look great!

Absolutely love!

A great notebook to have to organize everything in 1 place, I've recommended it to all my party memebers

Kylie Lucas

These have come in so handy for me, a pretty new player! I LOVE the wild shape cards, they played a crucial part in my last session!!
I also love the journal, and it’s really handy. My boyfriend, who is a DM of our group also thinks it’s really cool! I have plans to buy him one too!

M. Davison
Fantastic Notebook!

This notebook is going to be perfect for my next campaign - I'm sure excited to use it! The charts and reminder info is so helpful!

Christopher Doll
Wild Shape deck

This deck is incredibly awesome and helpful! The quality is A+ and the dry erase format is great.

Erin Rogers
The search is over! The perfect adventure notebook is here!

I've been searching high and low for a player adventure notebook that can help keep my jumbled notes organized - I've even gone as far as trying to create my own notebook with stencils, but the format was never quite right. I stumbled across an ad for this notebook one day and have had my eye on it for so long that I finally decided to go for it, and I'm SO GLAD I DID! The organizational style of this notebook to separate campaign notes, locations, organizations and NPCs makes me so very happy. I can't wait to show this notebook off to the rest of my party and build it out as our campaign progresses! Having a physical notebook to flip through is so much easier for me to keep track of than any apps have been able to provide. A single notebook is definitely best for a single character, potentially two since there's backup space for another character. My only wishes are that 1) the different sections had tabs that stuck out for easier navigation, but certainly something you could easily add yourself, and 2) that the areas for session notes was a bit bigger. But so far I just take my notes in a larger notebook, and translate them into my Arcana Notebook after the session; I find it fun to review what happened and document any new characters, quests, loot and locations we might have encountered. Overall, 10/10 will buy again!